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There are many different types of personal injuries a person can suffer. Depending on the nature of the incident and your injuries sustained as a result, you may have the opportunity to recover monetary damages for physical pain and suffering, disability, loss of a normal life, disfigurement, mental anguish, lost wages, damaged property, and more.

Personal injuries often result from auto accidents. However, they also arise in countless other instances where someone was careless or negligent, for instance: Defective products causing injury to people or property; Slips and falls; Injuries suffered during medical procedures (medical malpractice); and work place accidents (worker’s compensation).

Circumstances in which a person is injured in any way due to the carelessness of another person or company are where personal injury attorneys assert and pursue recovery rights on behalf of those injured persons. When you incur injuries in a situation that is not of your own doing, you should enlist the help of an attorney at your earliest opportunity to investigate the matter and proceed as appropriate. In that instance, the Flynn Guymon & Garavalia law firm is here to serve you.

Products Liability

Products liability refers to the liability of any or all parties along the “chain of manufacture” of any product for injuries caused by that product. This includes the manufacturer of component parts (at the top of the chain), an assembling manufacturer, the wholesaler, and the retail store owner (at the bottom of the chain). Products containing inherent defects that cause harm to a consumer of the product, or someone to whom the product was loaned, given, etc., are the subjects of products liability suits. Some of the most common types of product liability claims involve automotive products, medical devices, toxic exposure (asbestos, benzene, lead, and other toxins), dangerous drugs made by pharmaceutical companies, children’s toys and other childcare products.

Injured parties often fail to recognize the potential for a products liability claim. Furthermore, in the instances where the injured party thinks a product may have caused, or partially caused, the injuries suffered, the injured person often feels there is probably nothing that can be done. Do not give up. Flynn Guymon & Garavalia can assist you in identifying a potential products liability claim and assessing whether someone in the “chain of manufacture” may be held accountable. If you or someone you know has been injured by a product, contact Flynn Guymon & Garavalia for a free consultation.

Trucking (“Big Rig”) Accidents

Seemingly insignificant driving errors that occur without incident often result in catastrophe when an 18-wheeler is involved. Commercial vehicles such as 18-wheelers and other large freight carriers are a distinct and unequaled presence on roads occupied mostly by small passenger vehicles. When the “big trucks” do make a mistake, drivers on the road often cannot escape their wrath, especially on major highways and at higher speeds. “Big Rig” companies that send out drivers lacking the driving, perception and reactionary skill necessary to safely operate their mechanical behemoths without injuring others should be held responsible. Flynn Guymon & Garavalia is here to hold those companies accountable for your injuries and loss. We welcome any and all questions you may have about your or a loved one’s particular situation.

Medical Malpractice

When you visit a physician, dentist, or other health care worker, you can generally be assured that the professional’s years of experience and training will result in suitable treatment. However, errors are always possible. Medical malpractice occurs when a negligent act or omission by a doctor or other health care professional results in damage or harm to a patient. Negligence by a health care professional can include an error in diagnosis, treatment, or illness management. If such negligence has resulted in injury to you or someone you know, a legal case for medical malpractice can arise against:

  • The doctor or other health care worker, if his or her actions deviated from generally accepted standards of practice;
  • The hospital for improper care or inadequate training, such as problems with medications or sanitation; and/or
  • Local, state or federal agencies that operate hospital facilities.

Medical malpractice laws are designed to protect patients’ rights to pursue compensation if they are injured as a result of negligence. However, malpractice suits are often complex and frequently require aggressive litigation in order to prevail. Therefore, if you believe you have a medical malpractice claim, please contact Flynn Guymon & Garavalia. We welcome the opportunity to review your case and discuss your legal options with you. Call or email us today.

Nursing Home Neglect

Nursing home neglect and elderly abuse occurs all too frequently. The elderly are some of society’s most vulnerable people. Unfortunately, senior citizens are perhaps most vulnerable when their living situations make it clear that they cannot easily defend themselves.

Nursing home abuse takes many forms, and all of it is damaging in some way – emotionally, physically, or financially. As medical advancements have led to an increased population of senior citizens, and with the social dynamics of our society causing more and more adult children to opt for nursing home care of their parents over in-home care, we must be even more proactive in protecting senior citizens from neglect and abuse. Knowing the signs of nursing home neglect or abuse and contacting an attorney if you know of or suspect either is critical in the fight against nursing home abuse and neglect.

Many of the facilities providing long-term care for the elderly are owned by for-profit corporations. In order to maximize profits, these corporations often cut back on staff or hire less qualified workers for lower wages in an attempt to decrease the day-to-day costs of doing business. Understanding the various types of nursing home neglect or abuse may help you to protect yourself or loved ones from suffering its consequences. If you suspect that you or a loved one has been neglected or abused by someone at a senior care facility, The Flynn Guymon & Garavalia Law Firm stands ready to investigate and pursue all available civil damage remedies. Contact our law firm now for a free consultation.

Civil Rights

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